At no other time has it been more important for all citizens to develop digital literacies.

As we see the impact of “fake news” on global politics and policy; the mental health repercussions of social media, particularly on our youth; and the way those who have skills in the digital economy can manipulate those who do not.

Digital literacies are essential to democracy.  I believe very strongly in the urgency, and at the same time, I am conscious of my own deficiencies and I need to learn more.

In 2017 and beyond, I have set out to use a simple framework to structure my own open learning around the life skills needed for a democratic society to function in the digital age.

I invite you to join me in this learning.

This platform will act a structure where I will be documenting my own learning and inviting others to also document and share in their own way.

I will be exploring one of the digital life skills that the World Economic Forum deems essential.  I’ll share all of the research, media, events, MOOCs, podcasts, etc. that I find on the topic, and I will invite others to do the same.

If we can create a curated collection of conversations, research, writing, listening on these topics, we can point interested people to valuable learning.

We have to start. This is my next step.


What do you think? Are digital literacies and digital life skills essential? Share your blog post on this topic, or other compelling resources here.

Featured image from the World Economic Forum

Read more about why Digital Literacies are essential here:

Creating the Compelling Case for Change – January 2017

Digital Leadership is Essential – January 2017

You Live in a Bubble – A series on Digital Literacies – January 2017


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